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آموزش مديريت شبكه بيسيم CWNA

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TrainSignal CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Training PW0-104 : آموزش مدرک CWNA ، مديريت شبكه‌های‌ بيسيم از شركت ترين سيگنال. اين آموزش شما را برای آزمون بين المللی شماره PW0-104 شركت Planet3 آماده می‌سازد. اين آزمون به منظور سنجش مهارت هاي شما در مديريت شبکه هاي Wireless مي باشد ، همچنين در اين آزمون بايد قادر به تشريح تکنولوژي هاي وايرلس مبتني بر استاندارد 802.11 نيز باشيد. در ادامه با برخي از سرفصل هاي درسي اين مجموعه آموزش CWNA آشنا مي شويم : آشنايي با مقدمات اين مجموعه آموزشي، آشنايي با استاندارد هاي شبکه هاي بيسيم ( استانداردهايي نظير 802.11a ، 802.11b ، 802.11g ، 802.11h ، 802.11i و . . . ) ، آموزش تنظيم Wireless Router و مديريت Client ها در شبکه هاي Wireless ، آشنايي با چيستي آنتن هاي شبکه هاي بيسيم ( Wireless Antennas ) ، آموزش مديريت محلي ، منطقه اي و سراسري ( Managed Locally, Regionally and Throughout the World ) Radio Frequency در شبکه هاي بيسيم ، آشنايي با ساختار و نوع کارکرد سخت افزارها و نرم افزارهاي Wireless LAN ، آشنايي با چيستي Power over Ethernet ، چگونگي کارکرد و کارايي آن در Wireless LAN ، آشنايي با سرويس هاي قابل تنظيم استاندارد 802.11 در شبکه هاي بيسيم ، آموزش اجراي پروتکل هاي آناليز WLAN ( شبکه هاي بيسيم ) نظير آناليز 802.11 Frame Types ، Protection Mechanisms ، Power Saving Operation و . . . ، آموزش متدها و توابعي براي کنترل دسترسي ها و ارائه True Quality of Service ، آموزش اصلاح استاندارد 802.11 در شبکه هاي بيسيم ، آموزش برنامه ريزي وسايل و تجهيزات مورد نياز براي راه اندازي يک شبکه بيسيم.

آيا من شايسته دريافت اين مدرك هستم؟ بله،‌ اين مدرك در سطح مقدماتی می‌باشد. و برای كسانی كه دانش ابتدايی در زمينه شبكه و شبكه‌های بيسيم داشته باشند مناسب‌ می‌باشد. البته مفاهيم پايه در دی وی دی دوم موجود می‌باشد. آيا برای گذراندن اين دوره آموزشی نيازمند تجهيزات ديگری می‌باشم؟ خير اين مجموعه آموزشی كافی می‌باشد گرچه كاركردن عملی با تجهيزات شبكه می‌تواند تجربه شما را افزايش دهد. ليست مباحث در زير آمده است.

Video 1
Get a first look at what you will be learning in this course and learn who your instructor is.
* Objectives
* About Your Instructor and Train Signal
* What’s Covered in this Course

Video 2
Introduction to WLAN Standards
In this video you will learn about the several different wireless LAN Standards and other related standards.
* Standard Organizations
* Wi-Fi Alliance
* IEEE 802.11 Working Groups
* 802.11 Amendments
* 802.11a Amendment
* 802.11b Amendment
* 802.11g Amendment
* 802.11h Amendment
* 802.11e and 802.11i Amendments
* 802.11j, 802.11d, and 802.11c Amendments
* 802.11r and 802.11n Amendments
* 802.11s and 802.11k Amendments
* 802.11p and 802.11t Amendments
* 802.11u, 802.11v, and 802.11w Amendments
* Related Standards: 802.1X and EAP
* Related Standards: 802.3 - 2005, Clause 33
* Related Standards: RADIUS

Video 3
RF Fundamentals
In this video you will learn to understand the fundamentals of Radio Frequency behavior as it relates to wireless networking. This is one of the most important videos in the course so you may want to watch this video twice!
* Sine Waves
* Current Flow
* Photons
* Wavelength
* Frequency
* Wavelength and Frequency
* Wavelength Calculation
* Amplitude (Power Level)
* Phase
* RF Loss
* RF Loss: Reflection
* RF Loss: Refraction
* RF Loss: Diffraction
* RF Loss: Scattering
* RF Loss: Absorption
* Interference (Corruption)
* Basic Types of Modulation
* Spectral Mask: DSSS and HR/DSSS
* Spectral Mask: OFDM
* 2.4 GHz ISM Band and Channels
* UNII Bands and Channels
* DSSS Coding
* OFDM FEC Coding

Video 4
RF Math
Learn how to set a basic wireless router and a single client, talking to an access point. Also, learn to put WEP encryption between the wireless client and the access point, to provide basic internet security.
* Inverse Square Law
* Free Space Path Loss (FSPL)
* Units of Measure
* Rule of 10s and 3s
* RF Numbers: Infinitely Large to Infinitesimally Small
* Conversion Chart: dBm/mW
* Gains and Losses
* 2X Amplification (Rule of 3s)
* 2X Attenuation (Rule of 3s)
* 10X Amplification (Rule of 10s)
* 10X Attenuation (Rule of 10s)
* RF Math: Problem
* Receiver Sensitivity
* Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (EIRP)
* Will the Link Work?

Video 5
In this video you will embark on a comprehensive journey, learning everything you will need to know about antennas.
* Isotropic Radiator
* Visualizing Beam Patterns
* Polarization of an Antenna
* Understanding Polarization
* Passive Gain
* Low Gain Omni Antennas
* High Gain Omni Antennas
* Omni Antenna Examples
* Semi-Directional Antennas: Patch/Panel
* Patch Antennas
* Patch/Panel Antenna Examples
* Sector Panel Antennas
* Sectorized Antenna Systems
* Yagi Antennas
* Highly-Directional Antennas: Parabolic Dish or Grid
* Dish/Grid Antennas
* Antenna Mounting Accessories
* Antenna Mounting Examples
* Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
* Antenna Characteristics
* Simple Diversity Systems
* Diversity Transit Systems
* Line-of-Sight (LoS)
* Fresnel Zone
* Calculating 1FZ Size & Minimum Clearance
* Free Space Path Loss (FSPL)
* Earth Bulge
* Calculating Antenna Height for Links > 7 Miles
* Antenna Downtilt
* Antenna Safety
* Antenna Accessories: RF Cables
* FCC Part 15.204 Amendment
* Antenna Accessories: Pigtail Cables
* Common RF Connectors
* Lightning Arrestors
* Lightning Protection

Video 6
RF Regulatory Domains
In this video you will learn how the Radio Frequency spectrum is managed locally, regionally, and throughout the world.
* International RF Spectrum Management Hierarchy
* Regional Spectrum Management Groups – CITEL, CEPT, RCC, ATU, & APT
* Examples of Local RF Regulatory Bodies
* 2.4 GHz ISM Band
* 5 GHz Unlicensed Bands
* FCC 2.4 GHz PtMP Rules
* Americas/EMEA 5 GHz Band Rules
* FCC 5 GHz PtMP Rules: UNII-1, 2, & 3
* FCC 2.4 GHz PtP Rules
* FCC 5 GHz PtP Rules: UNII-3

Video 7
Wireless LAN Operation
In this video you will get a comprehensive view at the operation Wirless LAN hardware and software.
* WLAN Radios
* Client Utilities
* Enterprise-Class Client Utilities
* Access Points
* Access Points as MAC Bridges
* Frame Forwarding Between Physical Interfaces
* Ad Hoc Mode
* Infrastructure Mode
* Wireless Network Management Systems (WNMS)
* WLAN Controllers
* WLAN Controller: Core
* WLAN Controller: Distribution
* WLAN Controller: Access
* WLAN Profiles
* Remote Office WLAN Controllers
* Wireless Workgroup Bridges
* Workgroup Bridges
* Wireless Bridges
* Bridging Repeaters
* Access Point: Root Mode
* Access Point: Repeater Mode Wireless Distribution System
* Point-to-Point (PtP) Connections
* Point-to-Point Bridging
* Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Connections
* Point-to-Multipoint Bridging
* Line-of-Sight (LoS)
* Wireless Residential Gateways
* Wireless VPN Routers
* Enterprise Encryption Gateways (EEGs)
* Using EEGs
* WLAN Arrays
* Location Tracking
* Evolution of WLAN Architecture
* Evolution of WLAN Architecture: Multi-Channel Architecture (MCA)
* Evolution of WLAN Architecture: Single Channel Architecture (SCA)
* Wireless Mesh Networks

Video 8
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
In this video you will learn what Power over Ethernet is, how it works, and it’s applications in the wireless network.
* A Tale of Two Standards
* PoE Overview
* Powered Device (PD)
* Power Sourcing Equipment
* 802.3af PD Classification Signature
* 802.3af PSE Power Classes & PD Power Consumption
* Where is the Power?
* 802.3af Power Interface
* PSE Endpoint Alternative A
* PSE Endpoint Alternative B
* PSE Midspan
* 802.3af PD Pinout
* High Density PoE Requires Planning
* High Density PoE Requires High-Power Feeds and Much Cooling
* Use of Management Protocols
* Where PoE is Used in WLANs
* Non-WLAN Uses of PoE
* PoE Diagnostics

Video 9
802.11 Service Sets
In this video you will learn about the three types of service sets within the 802.11 Service Set. Plus, you will learn about 802.11 association, authentication, and network infrastructure.
* 802.11 Service Sets
* Independent Basic Service Sete (IBSS)
* IBSS Process
* Basic Service Set (BBS)
* BSS Selection
* Extended Service Set
* The Network Infrastructure
* Integration Service
* Distribution System
* Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
* 802.11 State Machine
* Joining a Service Set - State 1 (Discovery)
* Joining a Service Set - State 1 (Open System Auth)
* Joining a Service Set - State 1 (Shared Key Auth)
* Joining a Service Set - State 2 (All Frames)
* Disassociation
* Deauthentication
* Roaming (BSS Transition)
* Load Balancing

Video 10
Basic WLAN Analysis
In this video you will learn how to perform protocol analysis on your wireless network. Plus, you will take a detailed look at the 802.11 Frame Types, Protection Mechanisms, Power Saving Operations, and Transmission Rates.
* WLAN Protocol Analyzers
* Handheld Protocol Analyzers
* 802.11 Frame Format
* Data Frames
* Null Frames
* Control Frames
* Hidden Node - Obstructions
* Hidden Node - Signal Strength
* Hidden Node - Signaling Methods
* Using RTS/CTS
* RTS/CTS Exchange
* Protection Mechanisms
* Power Management Modes
* TIM and DTIM
* ATIM & ATIM Window
* Legacy Power Save and U-APSD
* Management Frames
* Beacons
* Probe Requests/Responses
* Open Authentication
* Shared Key Authentication
* Association Request/Response
* Disassociation
* Deauthentication
* Acknowledgement (Ack) Frames
* Basic and Supported Rates
* Transmission Rates

Video 11
802.11 Medium Access
In this video you will learn about Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Detection and Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Avoidance and other methods and functions that you can use to avoide collisions and provide true Quality of Service.
* Distributed Coordination Function (DCF)
* Virtual Carrier Sense
* Physical Carrier Sense
* Inter-Frame Spacing
* Random Backoff Algorithm
* Point Coordination Function (PCF)
* 802.11e MAC Architecture
* HCF Controlled Channel Access (HCCA)
* Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA)
* WMM Access Categories (AC)
* WMM Transmission Queues
* WMM Power Save (WMM-PS)

Video 12
802.11n Amendment
802.11n completely revamps how we look at wireless networking. 802.11n is the wave of the future and if you plan on becoming a Wireless Network Administrator then you will have to be an expert on 802.11n. This video will help you take that next step to becoming an 802.11n expert and prepare your for the future of wireless networking!
* Why 802.11n?
* PHY Comparison
* Reliable Connectivity
* Challenging RF Environments
* Bandwidth Intensive Environments
* Voice and Video Readiness
* Mixed Client Environments
* 802.11n Enhancements
* SISo vs. MIMO
* SISO and Multipath
* MIMO Radio Card
* MIMO "Uses" Multipath
* MIMO: Tx Beam Forming
* MIMO: Maximal Ratio Combining
* MIMO: Spatial Multiplexing
* PHY Enhancements: Effect of Throughput Example
* MIMO: Space-Time Block Coding (STBC)
* SM + STBC Data Flow
* 20 MHz Channel Mask
* 40 MHz Channel Mask
* 20 MHz vs. 40 MHz Channels
* 2.4 GHz Channel Selection
* Channel Bonding (2.4 & 5 GHz)
* Channel Bonding in 5 GHz
* OFDM Subcarries
* Non-HT Duplicate Mode
* Guard Interval Reduction
* Antenna Selection (ASEL)
* 802.11n MCS (Data) Rates
* 802.11n Enhancements
* 802.11 Protocol Stack
* 802.11 Encapsulation
* Frame Aggregation
* Frame Aggregation: A-MSDU
* Frame Aggregation: A-MPDU
* Frame Aggregation Efficiency
* Block Acknowledgements
* Reducing MAC Overhead
* Power Save: SMPS & PSMP
* SMPS: Static
* SMPS: Dynamic
* Unscheduled PSMP (U-PSMP)
* Scheduled PSMP (S-PSMP)
* 802.11n Coexistence
* PPDU Frame Formats
* 802.11n HT Protection Modes
* 20/40 MHz BSS Mode
* PCO BSS Mode
* Dual CTS Protection
* L-SIG TXOP Protection
* 40 MHz Intolerant
* Wi-Fi Certification for Draft 2.0
* 802.11n Considerations
* Backhaul Speeds
* Power over Ethernet (PoE)
* Cable Plant Certification
* 802.11n Deployment Strategy
* 802.11n Migration Strategy
* Client Population
* Site Survey Methodology
* Data Forwarding Scalability
* 802.11n Tools: Analyzer
* 802.11n Tools: Calculator
* 802.11n Tools: Simulator
* 802.11n Tools: Efficiency
* Analyzer: AP Detail
* Channel Occupancy Effects

Video 13
Site Surveying
A site survey can be the most important component of a wireless network’s design. In this video you will learn how to determine how much equipment is going to be needed and where that equipment should be located in order to allow the wireless network to function as required.
* What is an RF Site Survey?
* The Survey Process
* Understanding the Customer’s Requirements
* Access and Documents
* Spectrum Analyzers
* Portable, Traditional Spectrum Analyzers
* Spectrum Analysis
* Identifying Legacy and Non Wi-Fi 802.11 Transmissions
* Two Types of RF Site Surveys
* Manual RF Site Surveys
* Manual RF Site Survey Applications
* Manual Site Survey Kit
* Predictive RF Site Surveys
* Predictive RF Modeling Tools
* General Survey Principles
* Channel Reuse
* MCA vs. SCA
* Coverage vs. Capacity
* VoWLAN Surveying
* Surveying for SCA Systems
* Portability vs. Mobility
* Recommended Rx Thresholds
* Site Survey Report: The Deliverable
* RF Site Survey Forms

Video 14
Basic WLAN Security
In this video you will learn how to lockdown your Wirless Network so that your private data being sent over your wireless network remains private.
* The Importance of WLAN Security
* WLAN Secuirty is...
* Wi-Fi Worries at Home
* Is Your WLAN Secure?
* Network Security Components
* General Security Policy
* Functional Security Policy
* Security Policy Compliance
* WLAN Discovery
* SSID Hiding
* Legacy WLAN Security
* Wi-Fi Protected Access
* WPA Terminology
* WPA-2 Personal
* Wi-Fi Protected Setup
* Generic 802.1x Process
* Role Based Access Control
* Protocol Analyzers
* Baseline Practices: SOHO
* Baseline Practices: SMB
* Baseline Practices: Enterprise

CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator Bonus Training Outline
Bonus Video 1
Configuring Basic WLAN Security
* Objectives
* Set up a SOHO Access Point
* Hiding the SSID
* Enable MAC Filtering
* Enable WEP
* Crack WEP
* Enable WPA2

Bonus Video 2
Setting Up a Wireless LAN Controller
* Objectives
* Connecting with the Console
* Connecting with a Browser
* Configuring Networking
* Configure the WLAN
* Setting Up Security
* Configuring Access Point
* Adaptive AP Setup
* Implementing Band Steering
* Client Side of Band Steering

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خرید آموزش مديريت شبكه بيسيم CWNA

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کتاب های صوتی رمانهای مشهور جهان بند کفش نورانی نئون شامپو رفع سفیدی مو آموزش آهنگسازي حرفه اي + 1000 بيت دست ساز کتاب صد و یک روش رمانتیک بودن قلب پولیشی تو پر ساعت استورم آموزش جامع ویندوزXP نرم افزار آموزش کامل زبان عربی عضویت در سیستم همکاری در فروش زمین مارکت عینک پلیس s8311 مجموعه سخنرانی دکتر الهی قمشه ای نقاشی تاتی اورجینال گن لاغری آموزش سنتور - مقدماتي و متوسط فرم دهنده بینی آیدان idan آموزش اتوکد الکتریکال Autocad Electrical - اورجینال شرکتی - 4/112 ساعت سامورائی آموزش ساخت جعبه های فانتزی ساعت پروژکتوری BEN 10 نسخه اورجینال Pes 2012 ست لباس Ben10 تی شرت غروب سرخ (محرم) آموزش زبان عربی-مجموعه آموزشی چند زبانه رزتا استون Rosetta Stone.. آموزش فوتبال حرفه ای به زبان فارسی مجموعه کامل آندروید 2011 بند کفش نورانی نئون عینک پلیس s8417 آموزش ساخت عروسك چيني رزتا استون عربی ورژن 3 آموزش جامع گیتار از مبتدي تا حرفه اي ( برقی ، آکوستیک ) Tell Me More Arabic *new Baby Einstein فیلم های موزیکال - روانشناسی کودک (4DVD) آموزش بستن شال و روسری (مخصوص خانم ها) برنامه هاي سري N نوكيا تصفیه آب خانگی مجموعه آموزشي كشف جهان همراه با پيپو (نسخه فارسي) Discover the universe with PIPO بازی و الفبا تاتی اورجینال آموزش ساخت عروسک چینی آموزش جودو (زبان اصلی) آموزش حرفه ای ورزش پارکور هلیکوپتر کنترلی اسپیکر همراه آموزش AVR (123)آموزش زبان - -آشنايي با اعداد برای سنین : 2-15 سال کودک متفکر ، موزیك میکروتاچ مجموعه روانشناسي چهره کیف لوازم آرایش ساعت دیواری عشق
براي اطلاع از آپيدت شدن سايت در خبرنامه سايت عضو شويد تا جديدترين مطالب به ايميل شما ارسال شود

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تبليغات X

تمامي حقوق متعلق به وبسايت آموزش مديريت شبكه بيسيم CWNA مي باشد. کپي برداري از مطالب فقط با ذکر منبع امکانپذير مي باشد. طراحي توسط : طراحي آسمان - ترجمه: تيم طراحان قالب رزبلاگ .